So I bought a cute little owl at an art festival and decided to make a similar one for a baby shower.

yellow: festival owl black: my owly-owl

yellow: festival owl
black: my owly-owl

I heard that babies eyes develop a certain way, and that in the early weeks, they prefer high contrast images of black and white, only developing the ability to distinguish between bold colours after a month or so. Around that time, they still prefer bold contrasting patterns to lighter ones. This is why I decided to make my owl out of bold, contrasting colours, with a striking pattern on its belly.

I will have to wait to hear how the owl performs and if it catches baby’s attention at all. Time will tell.

How to “Tutowlrial”


This is where I found visuals that explained how this little stuffie comes together.

For mine, I used a Pentel pen -“Gel Roller for Fabric BN15-A”  (my current favourite for quick fabric decor for the last two years) to draw on the eyes (less of a choking hazard than buttons) and the belly pattern that loosely resembles feathers. I contacted Pentel to make sure that my owl was sufficiently non-toxic and explained that it is expected to come into contact with a lot of drool.

Pentel told me that prolonged or chronic exposure has not proven to have harmful health effects and offered to send me the MSDS sheets for the particular ink pen in question, I hope they are right.


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