Fabric Bowls


My roommate has this set of woven nesting bowls. She keeps all sorts of interesting things in them, often her extra little bottles of things in the bathroom, hairbrushes, hair accessories etc…


I liked the idea and so I decided to make my own. It turns out they are a nice way to spruce up a boring plant pot as well (just make sure you remember to place a barrier inside to protect from water leaking from the pot).


How to

  1. This design is pretty simple. It consists of a circle of fabric for the bottom of your bowl and a strip that will form the walls.
  2. Find a round container of the size you would like to reproduce and use it for your template. Trace the bottom for your round bowl bottom and measure the outside walls of the container  to determine how long of a strip of fabric you will need to make the outside wall of the bowl. For instance, you could use a large coffee tin for your bigger bowl.
  3. Another option would be to use math. Once you decide on how big your circle needs to be for the bottom, measure the diameter of the circle (the distance across the center from one edge to the other). Using an equation that we learned in grade-school, figure out the length you will need to make the strip that goes around the perimeter of the bottom circle, to make the walls of your bowl.


C= Pi x d

“C” is circumference (the perimeter of your circle). “Pi” is 3.14, and “d” is diameter.

  1. Once you have cut your fabric, cut a second set of shapes to be the liner for your bowl. I used a raw cotton canvas material because I wanted something that would be strong and hold its shape. If you use fabric that is too soft (i.e.: silk or thin cotton) the bowl may not hold its shape as well.
  2. Once you have your pieces, sew your two circles together and sew your strips together.
  3. Sew your strip together along its short edge so that it forms a sleeve shape. This will look like a container with no bottom.
  4. Using a zig-zag stitch setting on your sewing machine attach the circle to the strip. Be patient here, this takes time. You may need to remove the front piece of your machine base (so that you are working on the sleeve arm) while attaching the bottom piece. Alternatively, you may sew this bottom circle on by hand.
  5. Once the piece is attached, you are done.


Good luck!


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