The sew must go on




Another batch of hammocks!

I’m happy to be making things with my hands, and extra happy that people are finding a use for what I’m making. This may sound like an obvious statement but you just never know if people will get as excited as you do about what you like to do.

I participated in a local art festival recently. Here are my wares on display: up-cycled table cloths and curtains which are living a second life as tea-towels, a hand-painted duvet cover, and a pile of hand-made hammocks.


At the end of the day, a woman’s name was drawn and so a hand-painted duvet cover was won. She was enthusiastic and appreciative to win the hand-made item. So excited was she, that she insisted that we have our picture taken together with the prize in hand. What more could I ask for?


For details on how this was made, see the previous post about duvet covers. I found this tree limb image online and added birds to it. It’s simple and bold.

I am happy to report that most hammocks went to friends and their families. How flattering it is to have their support. Also, I can be sure that whomever I visit next, I can count on them having a hammock for me to swing in.


Strung up between a street sign and a tree, my adoring boyfriend hung around for the day to model the goods. He had many visitors, including countless photos taken by passers-by and a crew from the local news who were eager to capture this relaxed festival go-er.

I had a great time surrounded by friends and was inspired by so many other local artists. I walked away having recovered the costs I invested in this project and with a mental list of more creative things I hope to make this summer.

I’m hoping to shift my focus to duvet covers this summer and work on some new designs. I would like to extend a big thank you to all of my supporters who walked away with fabric creations and those who lent this wandering seamstress a sewing machine, or basement, or kitchen table to work on.




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