Elbow Patches




Heart Shaped Elbow Patches

I recently saw some cute elbow patches that were needle-felted onto a wool sweater. I have wanted to spruce up a shirt for a while and thought the heart shape was kind of nice.

Instead of working with wool, I used a floral print in cotton (bought a hat at a garage sale and removed the inner liner made of floral fabric).

How to

  1. Find some fabric you would like to use for your elbow patches and decide on a shirt to spruce up.
  2. Cut out a paper elbow patch to use as your template for tracing onto the fabric. Maybe you would prefer to go with a more classic look with a square patch with rounded edges, or oval.
  3. Ironing the fabric you are about to work with is a good idea because fabric is easier to sew when it’s flat.
  4. Place your paper template down and trace your shape onto the fabric. Or do what I did and just cut around the edge as best you can.
  5. Sew a stitch around the edges of your patches with a sewing machine to make sure that the fabric won’t fray at the edges and fall apart in the wash
  6. Place your patch where your elbow goes and pin it in place.
  7. Sew patches on by hand (or using a machine if you are into that). I figured I would have had to open the inseam on the shirt sleeve in order to sew the patch flat, and I’m a lazy seamstress, so I chose to do it by hand and opt out of too much seam-ripping.
  8. If you find your finished product is not what you had hoped for ,(I realized after finishing that my patches are a little high on the sleeve) thankfully, these patches are super easy to remove and re-sew.

One response »

  1. when I tried the felt patches on the stretch knit, that`s what happened to me. They weren`t placed exactly on the elbows, unfortunately impossible to remove.

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