I picked these blank cards up at the dollar store for $1.50 for a package of 5 cards and 5 envelopes.

I decorated them with a simple design using a black felt-tipped pen. I used water colour pencil crayons to colour it and brushed water over the image to blend the pencil crayon streaks. Both the pencil crayons and paint brushes are from the dollar store as well.

How to:

1. Find a package of blank cards (dollar stores, department stores, craft supply stores). An alternative to buying pre-cut cards would be to buy a couple of sheets of paper (craft paper, bristol board) and cut your own out.

2. Decorate however you wish. I once got a card from a friend and he drew stick-men inside of it, tobogganing down a hill. I thought it was great! You could also cut apart pieces of old cards and paste them on. If a design is worth re-using, then re-use it!

3. You’re done, you now have instant homemade cards.

Another alternative to sending someone a card in an envelope would be to simply  use a sheet of tough paper, and cut it into squares. Use those squares as post-cards.  Decorate the front and then make the reverse look like a post-card. Leave a spot for a stamp (top right corner) and an address for it to be mailed to (under the stamp). Then write your message. No envelopes required.


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