A Knotty Gift


A Knotty Gift

This is a gift for anyone who spends enough time outdoors who ends up needing to tie knots in things, or for anyone who has ever tied their boat to a dock and had it float away!

  • Securing tarps, tents
  • anchoring a boat
  • Securing boats to vehicles and racks
  • Emergency situations
  • Climbing
  • Joining ropes together
  • Teaching knots to children

The list goes on…knots are handy. People who know how to tie efficient knots can be handy people! Once you learn how to tie a few basic knots, you will be surprised at how little rope it takes to secure something, and you might even think back to how much rope you relied on before.

The book was only $14.50 (Chapters) and I picked up the climbing rope (1 meter each of two different colours) at an outdoor store for about $1.30 a meter. You can use any old rope lying around to practice knots, but if you invest in decent rope, your gift receiver will have something worth adding to their collection of outdoor gear.

How to:

  1. Find yourself a book on knots. Some books are more comprehensive than others. Pocket-sized are handy and portable for travel. For the knot enthusiast, maybe a thicker, more comprehensive knot book will keep them more entertained. Try to find a book that has good pictures or illustrations.
  2. Go to a store where you can buy lengths of rope off a spool (or cut rope from an available spool). Many outdoor equipment retailers will have a section of their store devoted to rock climbing, and here you will find plenty of decent rope to choose from. They may also have scraps of rope that come off the end of a spool that may be sold at a discounted rate. I bought 2 lengths, 1meter of rope each.  1 meter is a nice length to work with. Two different colours can help because some of the diagrams in the knot book show how to join two ropes, which is easier to figure out when using two different looking ropes.

Go ahead, get tying 🙂



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