I like to give blank notebooks as gifts for friends who like to write.

I forget what I paid for these journals, but I doubt that I paid much more than $5 bucks a piece for them.  I first laid down a light wash of diluted white acrylic paint. I cut a robot shaped stamp out of a square pencil eraser, and pressed it onto an ink pad to make all of the little robots on the conveyor belt and in the carts below. The rest was done in pencil crayon and a black ink, felt-tipped pen.  I wanted it to look like a drawing out of a children’s story book.

How to:

  1. Find a blank covered notebook somewhere. Another option would be to find a spiral bound notebook, remove the cover and flip the cover so it is blank. Refer to the post on Notepads for instructions on how to do this.
  2. Decorate the cover however you wish. This book also has a quote inside the cover that was made using an old label maker.

Tips for decorating stuff:

If drawing intimidates you, don’t draw.

Cut pictures out of magazines and collage them. Print stuff from the internet and paste it on. Some artists make beautiful collages using a combination of images.

Trace drawings you like and transfer them onto your project.

Find interesting household items and trace around their edges to make your design.

Try painting using something other than paint like black tea, coffee, or wine.

Find things in nature that you can use (leaves, grasses, berries).

Try sewing or applying fabric if you have a nice piece of fabric to use for the cover, or use pieces of old maps (maps have lots of interesting details on them).

There are many ways to decorate an object without requiring you to draw like the masters.


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