Getting mail is fun.  Sending mail is fun.

I like to reuse envelopes for when I send mail to friends and family or make them out of scrap paper; it beats paying for them, and usually yields interesting results. They are easy to come by because there is always a supply of junk mail in someone’s house to scavenge from, or a recycle bin at work. It is especially inconvenient, if you are on the road or backpacking, to have to buy a box of 25 or 50 when one is all you need.

This doodle is based on the greedy, nut-crazed chipmunks and squirrels at my last job, I liked the design so I scanned it and saved it for future use. To use this image I have printed it out and pasted/taped it to a used envelope. I have also printed it and simply taped another sheet of paper to the back of it, presto-instant personalized stationary, and a funny envelope to greet someone who is checking the mail.

How to:

  1. Write someone a letter!
  2. Save this image and print it (you may decide to adjust the size by using a word processor or image editing program before printing).
  3. Cut it out and paste it to an old envelope or homemade one.
  4. Write the mailing address in the black box with the acorn in it, and put a stamp on the top right corner in the blank stamp area. Don’t forget your return address!!! This is important, or your mail could get lost and end up in “undeliverable mail” sitting in a pile somewhere on Canada’s east coast until it is disposed of. Return address can go on the back of the envelope but make sure it’s smaller and in the top left corner.
  5. Mail it!

Alternative: decorate your own envelope or have your kids or someone’s kids do it. Doodles are funny; they can brighten someone’s day, especially children’s art.

“But I can’t draw”. So draw stick men, they are also funny, and often get the point across succinctly. Or, refer back to step 2.

Postage Paid

One day I decided to push the envelope a little further (pun intended). I took an envelope that had postage paid (one of those return envelopes that comes with government mail. The kind of envelope you are supposed to put a cheque or document in and send it back to whoever sent you the request in the first place). Since I had no money or documents for them, I kept the envelope because I was curious.

Q: If I covered the return address with a different one, and this mail was scanned in the postal system, would the postage still be paid, would the envelope reach the new destination?

A:  Yes, it worked that time. I haven’t tried it since, but it does beg the question, why buy stamps when postage paid envelopes are floating around?


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